The 5 Stages of Writing

Your work is your baby, sounds weird right? It is true! Your work goes through a life cycle, five stages to be exact!

Creating your work is like a baby going through stages to transform eventually into a successful adult. It is vital to make your work grow into a healthy piece of work. This is relevant whether you are a script writer, a poet, fiction writer, or song writer. No matter what these phases will be there. Your piece of work goes through phases in growth as you develop and nurture it.

  1. New Born Phasepexels-photo-269451

Your piece of work is just born, this is the outline phase. When you find out that you have an idea to develop. It’s like having a joy of knowing a baby is on the way. Your baby is on the way at this point, the genius piece of work that you are planning.

  1. Toddler Phase


At this point, you are nurturing it and getting your idea together. It will come out messy, and it is nowhere near perfect. You are just getting your ideas out, with mistakes and all onto the paper. You wouldn’t send your helpless baby out to fend for his or herself, right? You shouldn’t send your little piece of work out there when it is nowhere near ready either. You are nurturing it and giving it all the love and attention in the world.

  1. Baby Phase to Almost Teenager phase


Your piece of work is coming together slowly but surely, but there are still critical elements missing as it grows up. You are proud as your piece is taking its first steps so to speak. You are so proud, and at this point, you have probably bragged to your friend how well it is coming along at this point, your piece of work is growing up before your very eyes.

  1. Teenager Phase


Your work is growing, but it is becoming more difficult suddenly. You are stuck in critical places and days at a time trying to figure out what you will do next. Your piece is giving you a hard time. I got news for you, you are at the teenager phase. Some give up or hand in the work as it is because they feel there is nothing left for them to do. You got a teenager, and no matter what the teenager may say they are ready. They are not ready, because there is more to be done to guide your work on the right track and prepare your piece for the big world.

  1. Adult Phase


Congratulations, you raised your work into the adult phase! You have done all you can for your work and got through all the rough patches. Your work is mature, and everything with your work makes sense. As the creator and being the one that gave birth to the piece of work may still be there to rough out the edges. At this point, your work is mature and ready to hand in and for people’s enjoyment.

It is literally your baby, and you are raising it through all this. Have confidence and pride you have raised your baby, and through the good and bad. Your work will not let you down when you reach the adult phase.


The Creative Writing Blues

What is as bad as Writer’s Block? The Creative Writing Blues of course!

We know about the dreaded Writer’s block, but there is another thing that writers feel that comes with being a writer too. It is known as the creative writing blues. We know the agony that comes from singing the blues, and if you aren’t familiar with it, then I suggest listening to some B.B. King and it will be clear.

Having a million stories in your head and no way to tell them. You could be a writer currently and suffer from this. You may not have the right platform, contacts, or confidence to share the stories that you desire. These million of stories sometimes take a physical form of a checklist, a rough draft, or it could be a cluster of writing, which resembles how most writers feel. Maybe you have shared your story or attempted too many times, but you seem to can’t make people listen to any of them.

You could have a new script idea, book idea, article idea, or poem that could change the landscape of writing even more but feel like there is no way to get the ideas out there. How do you overcome it? It isn’t easy but finds a platform and tell your story no matter what.

If people try to shut the door on you while you give your ideas, then just go to the next door so people can hear your story. The pain felt is very real when you feel trapped. It may even cause you to sing a song expressing your pain (it can happen). There is always someone or someway to send your story out to relieve you of that great pain. This pain is only because we want to be heard.

Writers are Everywhere!

Writers are everywhere, my story with how much of an impact it has on me,and others.

Some writers were not always writers, we were front office workers, grocery store clerks, salespeople. You get the point, we tend to blend in with corporate America. Nine times out of ten no one truly knows what we are capable of. Writers are all around us. Sometimes, we are not exactly happy where we are, because it is not what we want to do.

While I was sitting in a barbershop getting my haircut a few days ago, this barber and I had a long conversation. He had no idea that I am going to school for film writing, and in turn, I had no idea he was going to school for writing as well. I decided to ask him while he was cutting my hair. It struck me while he was doing that, and we got into a deep conversation about the passion of writing. By the end of that conversation, it hit me that writers are everywhere. It took me back to the days working at a hotel.

While I was working at this hotel, very little people knew anything about me, other than I was the guy who worked overnights and was the one to call when they needed something. A few special guests at the hotel found out about my love for writing. A few of them seemed disappointed that I wasn’t writing on a full-time basis, and this included my boss who is big on writing. He even went as far as asking me “What are you doing working here?”, and to be honest, I didn’t have an answer.

I was always writing in my pad, especially during slow nights. One guest saw my pad, and he hoped that I planned on doing something with it. I told him the answer that is famously said by anyone “someday”, he looked at me disappointed. He told me that he is a writer as well, and he felt that I was wasting my talent. That ultimately led to a string of events to go back to college, and write on a fulltime basis, blogs, scripts, and articles.

It is a sensitive subject for us trying to get our work out there, and we feel like it is hopeless, because we can’t seem to get our work out there. Each writer who puts in the time and does everything he or she can see results in some way. We all find success at different times, and our time comes when we least expect it. The struggle going through it is very real, all of us know that.

Sometimes, we forget that writers are spread out everywhere and in different situations. Some are forced into jobs, others are doing both, others are unsure. Either way, it is up to us to support them with all they want to do and be there for them. Once you find a writer, you must do all you can to support them, and make sure they are on the right track. It is so easy to forget that we are everywhere and can find support. Be that support for writers that you find, they are everywhere, and I bet they will appreciate it more than anything.

Experiencing Writer’s Block Right now? This is for You!

Currently experiencing Writer’s Block? Relax! This is for you!

When you write, you are creating a new unique world and welcoming others to your world. You are the most important part of that world. You are the creator of this unique world, and without you, it would cease to exist. You oversee every operation, and you make the magic happen.

Some writers have ample chaos in their world, while others have a controlled environment. These worlds you create can be exhausting at times and requires time to truly recover from putting in the energy. Writer’s block catches us off guard sometimes and forces us to take a break, but I have a simple message. Writer’s block is normal, and there is nothing wrong with it. Some of you may be looking at this article, and may have rolled your eyes, or scoffed at this, but it is true.

I created three scripts, and currently on my fourth as a project, and have a fifth one that is currently in the works, but for those two scripts, I am taking it slow. We want to keep writing, but so much energy being spent, sometimes mistakes can be made. One of my completed scripts, I pushed myself so much that I made a critical error that was undetected because I wanted to keep going, luckily the screenwriting instructor caught it.

Take a break and examine other parts of your creativity. I love scriptwriting, but as of now I am writing blogs/articles and working on it a little at a time with the script. You may want to take a long break from it, and when you least expect it, the ideas will flow. We can go hours when on a roll, but nothing wrong with taking a break from it when needed. Whether it is working in another area of writing or enjoying your life.

The same way a doctor needs time off, or an accountant, we need a break too. It does not make them any less of a doctor or an accountant because they take the break either. Writer’s block just forces us to take that break until it comes to us naturally, which it always does. When you write, do not frustrate yourself with it, instead, embrace it. You will get that call to return to that world when you get all those ideas soon.