Social Media Uncut!: “Wicked Witch” Shayla Hyde

Welcome to the first installment of Social Media Uncut! Where it’s a social media conversation like no other. For the first installment ever, we take a dive into Joan King aka The Wicked Witch Shayla Hyde and take a closer look at the inspirational journey and more.

Welcome to the first installment of Social Media Uncut. Where it is a social media conversation to beat all conversations. The first installment is a big one and is all about pursuing dreams. Many remember Joan King from RAW and many others know her as the “Wicked Witch” Shayla Hyde.

She has made her presence felt not just in the ring but on social media as well with a unique connection with her followers with her tagline #FlyWithTheWitch. Her genuine charisma and extraordinary heart in the ring along with a superior physical presence in the ring has made her one of a kind.

That has been said many times that there is no one like her, well there is truly no one like Shayla Hyde. No one even comes close, and no one will ever come close. I had the honor of taking time to talk to Shayla Hyde to dig deeper into the mind of the Wicked Witch of independent wrestling.

J.C: First thing is first, how do you feel about the women’s Pay-per-view? It’s got to feel amazing that months ago u went against Nia Jax and months later this big announcement happened.

Shayla: I feel that an ALL WOMENS PPV is beyond amazing. It actually feels past the point of amazing. It feels as though I have a small part in it also. Even though I got beat up for 47 seconds if that by Nia.

J.C: I was sitting at home when that all went down, of course, it was still a memorable pre-Wrestlemania warm up for Nia, what was your mindset heading into that match?

Shayla: “What if I mess up? What if a break something? No, I’m going to kill this. This isn’t for me this is for Josh and my supporters” that was going through my head like a loop.

J.C: It was a good match for sure, people don’t know but we have known each other for…..5 years!? (I’m a terrible person for not remembering ha).

Shayla: Pretty damn close. More like 3.5yrs to 4.

J.C: Still a long damn time ha, when tough enough came back I remember pushing for you to go was like a big thing ha.

Shayla: YES! I’m hoping the next time around that WWE #flywiththewitch enough to have me on Tough Enough.

J.C: Yeah, well you and many others including Brittany wonder were trying out it was a busy time for me as well as you because that time I remember your quest for championship gold was coming up at that time, and people don’t know how big it was during that time, walk us through that time.

Shayla: First official title was AMAZING! But the pressure was on to stay on top.

J.C: I know you been hunting for it for a while, I mean these were your first titles, it had to be a load off to reach such great milestones.

Shayla: Yes! Now a big goal for me is to get overseas.

J.C: Okay you are one of my best friends and I didn’t know that even, what gives? (Ha), Do you have anywhere specific in mind?

Shayla: Ireland. Scotland. Germany. England. JAPAN! Anywhere I can go, to be honest. I have a passport and just itching to use it

J.C: Anywhere you end up it’ll be great. I do dream matches with you all over Twitter and now I got to ask, what dream matches do you personally have in mind?

Shayla: O that’s a HUGE list. Jazzy Gabert. Amber O’Neal. Mickie James. Natalya. It is seriously endless.

J.C: I can’t help but notice you left out my favorite of all time Shayna Baszler (ha) I’m sure that would be a great match even though I am extremely biased in that subject.

Shayla: Yes. Your vote is for me.

J.C: Yes, of course, I hope Shayna Baszler never finds this ever, if so Shayna is awesome and the best, Queens Army since 2010, ANYWAYS… One more big question that I’m sure will come up many times down the road, what do you want people to get out of seeing you or hearing your name? What do you want people to see through your career?

Shayla: That through all the heartache I still kept pushing through. That the beginning of my career will not define the end.

J.C: Thank you for being an inspiration for everyone including me, I know people will love the message you have, and as usual, fans will be watching and hopefully gain a lot through watching you.

As you can see there is a lot to look forward to with Shayla Hyde, and things that I didn’t even know about. It is a testament to how big this journey truly is. You can find her matches via YouTube and see her full journey and more via Twitter @Likablemshyde. Be sure to join the conversation with #FlyWithTheWitch.

Her journey is just beginning, and every single day her journey on Twitter is something new every single day. Be sure to follow her, watch her matches, tweet her and enjoy the crazy ride as we continue to see where the Wicked Witch of the independent circuit continues to fly.

Photo credit to World Wrestling Entertainment©. All Content within used with permission from Shayla Hyde.

Why John Cena Vs Undertaker is a Big Deal

Tonight’s RAW is a make a historical last match moment, or just historical confirmation of retirement of a legend.

John Cena has called out the Undertaker. The match itself is exciting, and fans are anticipating for what could possibly happen tonight on RAW. Cena and Undertaker have a long history going back to 2002, and it seems appropriate that the Deadman would write and close the final chapter with someone he has such a long history within the ring.

Undertaker and Cena have faced off in one on one contests before, and it exceeded expectations. Tonight’s RAW is the home stretch and last call for the Deadman. Undertaker must make everything right and leave on a higher note than before. His matches with Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns, reason enough to have this last match with Cena.

Undertaker Vs Brock Lesnar didn’t feel right for the Deadman to leave, especially with the circumstances with Brock Lesnar only being there sometimes. Brock Lesnar is different than any other occurrences, such as The Rock losing to Goldberg since Goldberg was the guy who was going to be there, or Triple H giving Batista his moment. Both of those men were there the next day and the week after that and months feeding off that momentum.

The momentum with Brock Lesnar is hard to feed, and many fans felt it could have been someone else to end the streak. It felt like a loss for everyone, including the fans since Brock is only there sometimes. Brock may have ended the streak, as big of a moment it was in the heat of the moment, overall it matters what happens after as well, and after Brock’s impact was not big in any sense besides temporary nostalgia.

Undertaker went against Roman Reigns. The problem with Roman Reigns is that he was number two victories over Undertaker, he wasn’t the first. Reigns have been built up as the guy to do it, but the fact is everything Reigns been doing is what the person who ended the streak in the first place SHOULD have done. Reigns being the second guy to do it with no history with Undertaker even though he is there the next day, was bittersweet at best.

Reigns will always be number two to do it and not number one. The other fact is Undertaker ending his chapter with someone he has little or no history with was not ideal, but some fans were ready to accept it because it seemed like the Deadman was done and was going out in a blaze of glory.

John Cena is the last piece of redemption for the last ride of Undertaker. They have history, and it would feel like the long history with Cena going back to the Ruthless Aggression era will be perfect for Undertaker. Those two have worked on the Smackdown brand together in the past, and most of all that history is a piece that needs to be closed for good.

Since 2002, fans have referred to Cena’s encounters with Undertaker as “not finished” by any means. The past year’s fans have speculated a John Cena Vs Undertaker match since it makes perfect sense for Undertaker to end his career against Cena. For these reasons tonight’s RAW, and Wrestlemania is a real home stretch for the Deadman.

The simple fact is this is the perfect way to fend off his illustrious career against a man to close the chapter of their rivalry for good. Will Undertaker take it? Or will it just be confirmation of him being done for good? We will hopefully find out tonight on RAW.