A writer’s life: What is normal?

So many times, we are told what is acceptable when it comes to being a writer….I say ENOUGH!

Since the beginning of the year, I have personally struggled with the idea of being involved in writing in so many ways. I write blogs, scripts, articles, and an interest in authorship eventually. It was primarily because of an institution giving an idea that writing so many genres and many areas of writing are “too much” or “not normal”. That’s the primary pressure point that made the beginning of 2019 not as pleasant as I have hoped.

The struggle internally as a writer is hard enough, but when you add institution or other people, it can make it unbearable. Every writer is different and that’s what makes our craft and community so interesting. Who is to say that a screenwriter should only be a screenwriter? Who is to say an author can’t become a poet too? Who is to say a writer can’t take on three or more categories? The ones who have made those statements do not help causes.

Why would anyone be limited to a few categories? Writing is such a big art that it is hard for a writer with such passion to contain themselves to one category. It is a beautiful thing when an author crosses over into blogging and screenwriting. That means they have a story they want to share, and they are using their love for writing in general to explore other ways to convey the message.

The toxic mindset of “limits” or “normal” is something that should always be challenged. What is normal? Why do we have to limit ourselves to a set of rules to please certain people or institutions? Why should we limit ourselves when we know there are unlimited possibilities?

There are some writers who may crossover and some writers who stick within only one. Every single writer who has the true love and passion has this in common, there are no limits. We should be able to crossover to multiple genres and write a wide range of pieces in different subfields without being self-cautious about it.

The hope I have in the future is that writers can just write how much they want when they want, and what they want without negative feeling. If you have that dream of being an author, or a screenwriter, blogger or anything, I say go for it. Keep doing what makes you happy and keep rising above the institutional ridicule.

StephA: One Woman Show

How this one woman show won hearts of many others, and why it is a must see series on YouTube.

There have been a few one-person shows in the past that I watched, but generally, I didn’t pay attention to it. The reason was because of the difficulty of distinguishing each character. Stephanie Andujar has done that through amazing voice acting and giving each character a unique personality and mannerisms that make it the best one person show I have ever seen.

If you are like me, you remember Stephanie Andujar from the movie Precious, and have always been amazed seeing her guest star in shows, whether it’s Orange is the New Black, or most recently on Blue Bloods. If you have never seen Stephanie Andujar in anything, and you have no idea about anything I just said, or who this person is, then be prepared to be amazed.

After watching all the episodes from seasons 1 and 2, I wanted to take a small dive into the mastermind behind the lovable characters (especially Uncle Patune and Sofrita, my two personal favorites of the show besides StephA herself). StephA’s one-woman show struck me as something special. I had to share the episodes with people to share the joy I feel watching the show.

Stephanie took time from her busy schedule to talk with me briefly via messages to answer a few questions that were on my mind. We cut right to the chase to dig deep into the mind of the talent known as StephA.


J.C: What motivated you to do one person shows?

StephA: Well, since I was already acting and did some film & tv work, my sister gave me an idea for putting together a One Woman Show of sorts to show my comedic side. I was originally thinking of the stage, but I wanted to reach the masses and decided to make a web series with me playing many different characters. Hence…StephA:One Woman Show was born.

J.C: Who was the most challenging character for you to play as? Also, who was the most fun to play as?

StephA: LoL That’s a great question! The thing I find challenging with my characters is changing in and out of costumes when I have like 10 characters in one scene! I always drive myself crazy when it comes to those scenes because I have to think of which character to start with and end with. That’s the crazy times lol. The most fun character I would say is Uncle Patune. Every time I get into character with him I can’t help but laugh lol that’s why he’s usually in the bloopers the most! LOL

J.C: What can we expect more of from the one Woman show?

StephA: I’m currently working on season 3 of StephA:One Woman Show and introducing a new character! So more craziness and laughs! Sure to be a good one!!

StephA went back to making season 3 after the conversation. I was so excited after she said that, it was all the questions I could ask after that because as a fan of the one-woman show, I wanted to see that notification that season three has been added on YouTube. I am reliving the first two seasons as I await the third season.

This is only the beginning of the one-woman show. Whether you are watching to see Sofrita and her never-ending adventures. Maybe you like watching Bony Day-Day get into deep trouble in utterly hilarious moments. I dare you to watch a moment with Uncle Patune and not laugh. The main star, of course, StephA has a journey of her own as she continues to chase dreams and live her life with some of the most hilariously unpredictable people around her.

Don’t forget to view this link and enjoy StephA: One Woman Show, exclusively on YouTube and watch seasons 1 and 2. Once you are done, the fun isn’t over yet, because of StephA: One Woman Show will be coming back soon with season 3. Stay tuned for what is sure to be an amazing season!

Be sure to follow Stephanie Andujar, @StephAndujar on Twitter for all latest updates, trailers, and appearances.

Content within was used with permission from 2018 Andujar Productions.