J.C’s Works In Progress

A small collection of the different categories of work that I am working on and will be working on in the future.

Authorship: The Apocalypse Life

The Apocalypse Life will be an extension of J.C.’s finalist award winning script Do You Believe in Zombies? It will be focused on a series of short stories from ten survivors of the apocalypse and their skills. We know in order to survive a zombie apocalypse, you need food, water, shelter, and a will to fight for what you need. These short stories will show that it is deeper than that and will help thrive in the apocalypse in the long-run against all dangers.

Screenwriting Work In Progress

A boy living in poverty and a social outcast with his mother just trying to make it, soon finds out that his father is in fact a top businessman. Everything in his life begins to change as he observes and gets a taste of the sweet life, but now he must save his father from potential deception that him and his father face that could turn the sweet life into a nightmare for his family.

Ongoing Works:

Along with giving blogs on Social Media Uncut, J.C has found a home contributing to Undead Walking. He primarily examines the hit show The Walking Dead. His fascination with zombies and love for the show has given him a chance to examine the show, episodes, connections past and present, while being able to examine The Walking Dead in his own unique way through his eyes. His articles get shared on Twitter via @UndeadWalkingFS and their official website UndeadWalking.com.