AEW Vs WWE: Enough is Enough

If you are on social media, odds are you keep hearing fans declare their loyalty and declaring war….but….consider this before you do….

If you are a Twitter user, you have probably seen tweets about AEW Versus WWE. If you are a Twitter user like me, you probably are growing sick of it. We have had a historic announcement of AEW having its first wrestling show in a few short months. What should have been a great occasion celebrated by wrestling fans, is slowly turning into anger from fans around the world. Not for the fact that it is happening, but how bad it has gotten on social media alone.

I kept giving my statements, but it has fallen on deaf ears, but enough is enough with AEW versus WWE. We are stuck in the 90s with the competition mindset. It gets to a point that a wrestling company can’t even get a television deal without the fans blowing their war horns and looking for another Monday Night war to begin again. Let it go! The reason why some of these wrestling companies that came and went over the years have struggled or didn’t reach full potential is that fans are so eager to pick sides for something that may not even happen!

Many companies including TNA now known as Impact, Global Force Wrestling, and even companies like Lucha Underground has had pressure from fans. Some may say it doesn’t matter and that it is just fans talking, but it does matter. Companies that had television deals and will get television deals in the future may suffer, because of the negative interaction with fans. The “war” that seems to be easy to ignite on social media.

That brings us to where we are today. AEW made an announcement, and not surprisingly, fans are treating this like it’s the 90s. Growing up watching WWE, WCW, and ECW, those were the main shows that were on television. Eventually, TNA started showing up on television, but the choices for what to watch on television were very limited. Most of the shows if we wanted to watch certain wrestlers, we had to search on YouTube. It is at an all-time high for wrestlers being on television, and that is a beautiful thing as a wrestling fan. We can see our favorite wrestlers of the independent circuit perform on television.

Leave the Monday Night war mentality behind, and enjoy the new era of wrestling for everyone, where we can get lots of wrestling on television more than ever before and enjoy ourselves as fans. It should be an opportunity to enjoy more wrestling every week more than ever before, as opposed to a war of survival. Do us all a favor, leave that mentality in the 90s, where it belongs, and just enjoy the biggest time for television and pro wrestling in general.

Women of Wrestling: Razor

Ever heard of a little chaos? How about A LOT of chaos?! That’s what awaits us and more when WOW Superheroes and Razor comes to AXS TV January 18th.

The past week of wrestling has been overwhelming, and it has filled my heart with joy seeing the wrestling universe celebrate as we witness more history being made. No matter how long you have been a wrestling fan, it is a universal truth that there is something that makes you fall in love with it all over again. For me, it is the women’s wrestling division in WWE and the independent circuit. Last year was historic with the first all-women’s pay-per-view in WWE history. We are approaching the second annual women’s royal rumble.

I truly love women’s wrestling, and my love for women’s wrestling truly expanded within the heart of the independent circuit many years ago. That leads us to where we are today. Women of Wrestling will be on television on AXS television nearly a week from now. This is exciting for me, especially since I used to watch LuFisto during my study hall period. The easier access to a variety of companies nowadays, truly makes me wish it happened during my high school days, I could have avoided many detentions.

dvjm7v5uyamz8p8There are some faces I am too familiar with like Abilene Maverick, who I have followed for a long time, and very happy to soon see on television. The Twitter world is certainly buzzing about it, and rightfully so, especially with the stacked roster that awaits us.

There is one competitor that stands out to me, who goes by the ring name of Razor. I tend to stay aware of the talent that I have seen before and the talent that I have stumbled on by luck.

Upon the announcement of WOW coming to AXS TV, I began to really pay attention to the talent, and Razor stood out to me. Everyone has that one competitor that gives you a sense of unpredictability and chaos. All the respective competitors on the roster for WOW are amazing, and it is deserving, but Razor is a competitor that stands out as the music maker of chaos. She is certainly the wildcard every night. Of course, every roster has someone like that, where would their roster be if they didn’t?

Normally, the competitor that causes the most chaos is eventually tamed. That’s where Razor is very different. She does not come across as a competitor that will simply give up. It doesn’t matter if you hold a victory over her, because the way Razor is as a competitor, she will keep coming back for more. This is something that will be every fan’s dream and her competitor’s worse nightmare. Witnessing Razor firsthand with her relentless chaos, her thirst for mayhem, her lust for pain will be the biggest part for fans who desire chaos.

When WOW Superheroes debut on AXS TV January 18th, you do not want to miss it, because Razor’s natural relentless nature will be a cycle that the other competitors simply can’t contain. How will other competitors contain Razor? I will save the trouble and answer that question now, they can’t!  Do not miss Razor and WOW Superheroes coming to AXS TV, and watch out for the chaos, because you will never know when Razor will strike next!

All images are used with permission from Razor of WOW.

The Spark of Independent Wrestling: Aria Blake

We are familiar with names like Amber O’Neal,Kacee Carlisle, LuFisto who are well known Women Wrestlers. Then there is Aria Blake who has taken things to the next level for the next generation.

The Independent wrestling circuit has seen the women stepping up in the past fifteen years. We have current WWE superstars who were part of that spark such as Sasha Banks, Bayley, Shayna Baszler, and Ember Moon. These women came from a spark in independent wrestling that started nearly fifteen years ago.

WWE went through a period of sub-par women wrestlers around that time, and a shortage of performers during the Divas title era. Names like Amber O’Neal, Kacee Carlisle, LuFisto, and Mickie Knuckles popped up as pioneers for raising the bar in the independent circuit.

You probably enjoy them on YouTube or even go to their shows. Today we have seen no slow down of the women’s division that shows us what it truly means to be a wrestler. Aria Blake is a woman who has been nothing short of spectacular, and for her young age of 23 has a skill set and maturity that is rare.

Aria Blake with her tag team partner as the iconic duo The Spoiled Brats

What makes Aria so special is what a spark she is in the ring. Every part of the ring used to her advantage, and she is truly a ring general. She can work every part of the wrestling ring to ensure her victory. She is wise beyond her years and has a similar ring presence as to former NWA Women’s champion Kacee Carlisle with being a ring general.

That kind of maturity and drive is exactly why she is an automatic prospect to be in NXT someday. So many wrestlers at her age are still trying to find themselves, but Aria has found herself and is only going to keep improving at a terrifying rate that should be deemed very unusual for someone as young as herself.

Aria improving gracefully will only lead to trouble for whoever she steps in the ring with. As Aria puts the pieces together fans of the independent circuit, and fans of NXT should keep a strong eye out for the name Aria Blake is a spark that is proving herself to be a force in the ring. One thing is clear, this young talented competitor carries the torch of the rise of fifteen years ago.

Aria Blake represents the new generation and is the leading ring general for a new generation. We will without a shadow of doubt see her in an NXT ring in the future, it is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when. Keep a lookout, you never know when Aria Blake will show up on NXT to show the world, but until that time comes to look out for her now as she continues to be a strong presence in the ring.

Be sure to follow Aria Blake on Twitter @TheAriaBlake for all her latest matches, merchandise and more. Also, be sure to keep a lookout on YouTube for matches and enjoy.


Why John Cena Vs Undertaker is a Big Deal

Tonight’s RAW is a make a historical last match moment, or just historical confirmation of retirement of a legend.

John Cena has called out the Undertaker. The match itself is exciting, and fans are anticipating for what could possibly happen tonight on RAW. Cena and Undertaker have a long history going back to 2002, and it seems appropriate that the Deadman would write and close the final chapter with someone he has such a long history within the ring.

Undertaker and Cena have faced off in one on one contests before, and it exceeded expectations. Tonight’s RAW is the home stretch and last call for the Deadman. Undertaker must make everything right and leave on a higher note than before. His matches with Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns, reason enough to have this last match with Cena.

Undertaker Vs Brock Lesnar didn’t feel right for the Deadman to leave, especially with the circumstances with Brock Lesnar only being there sometimes. Brock Lesnar is different than any other occurrences, such as The Rock losing to Goldberg since Goldberg was the guy who was going to be there, or Triple H giving Batista his moment. Both of those men were there the next day and the week after that and months feeding off that momentum.

The momentum with Brock Lesnar is hard to feed, and many fans felt it could have been someone else to end the streak. It felt like a loss for everyone, including the fans since Brock is only there sometimes. Brock may have ended the streak, as big of a moment it was in the heat of the moment, overall it matters what happens after as well, and after Brock’s impact was not big in any sense besides temporary nostalgia.

Undertaker went against Roman Reigns. The problem with Roman Reigns is that he was number two victories over Undertaker, he wasn’t the first. Reigns have been built up as the guy to do it, but the fact is everything Reigns been doing is what the person who ended the streak in the first place SHOULD have done. Reigns being the second guy to do it with no history with Undertaker even though he is there the next day, was bittersweet at best.

Reigns will always be number two to do it and not number one. The other fact is Undertaker ending his chapter with someone he has little or no history with was not ideal, but some fans were ready to accept it because it seemed like the Deadman was done and was going out in a blaze of glory.

John Cena is the last piece of redemption for the last ride of Undertaker. They have history, and it would feel like the long history with Cena going back to the Ruthless Aggression era will be perfect for Undertaker. Those two have worked on the Smackdown brand together in the past, and most of all that history is a piece that needs to be closed for good.

Since 2002, fans have referred to Cena’s encounters with Undertaker as “not finished” by any means. The past year’s fans have speculated a John Cena Vs Undertaker match since it makes perfect sense for Undertaker to end his career against Cena. For these reasons tonight’s RAW, and Wrestlemania is a real home stretch for the Deadman.

The simple fact is this is the perfect way to fend off his illustrious career against a man to close the chapter of their rivalry for good. Will Undertaker take it? Or will it just be confirmation of him being done for good? We will hopefully find out tonight on RAW.