About J.C.

J.C. was born in New York to two hard-working parents. J.C. became a musician at three years old and started playing drums. He fell in love with writing three years later at the age of 6 years old. He wrote his first short stories, which were fictional versions of his own life for school assignments.

J.C. used writing and art as an outlet and took opportunities presented by teachers to write. He carried a pad with him that was used to write anything that was on his mind that he still has to this day. J.C. also made his own version of wrestling storylines in that pad through his love of wrestling and movies in general.

In 2005, J.C. wrote a Halloween themed short story and became friends with his English teacher. He turned to her for support for writing and in general, which remains true today. His teacher has given him many pointers and even gave him his first award ever for his writing.

In 2007, his mother was diagnosed with cancer, and he put his writing on hold out of anxiety. His grades in school began to fall and he was not focused on writing for the first time in his life. He applied for a job as a creative writer for World Wrestling Entertainment at 16 years old, because he wanted a job to support his family through the hard times. After the rejection from that job, his grades in school were going down and he stopped writing short stories.

During 2008, he had intentions of dropping out of high school after multiple failed classes and some barely passing classes. His intentions were met with little resistance and he had the forms to drop out. His dad talked him out of it, in hopes of having a better life from the hard work he puts in later for college. His mom became cancer-free

2010, J.C. graduated from high school and went to a community college for computer information. While in school, despite going for computer information, he dedicated his time to writing about wrestling in wrestling groups on Facebook and sharing his fantasy storylines of what he believed could be done for wrestling. J.C. eventually dropped out after expressing dissatisfaction for not going for what he truly loved. He bounced around different jobs and continued to write.

2014, He went to a hospitality training program, and obtained a job as a desk clerk for a hotel. He continued to write and expanded and made eventual friendships with wrestlers Shayla Hyde, Brittany Wonder, and Kikyo as he promoted independent wrestling on Facebook and shared matches, as well as writing his own perspective pieces through numerous wrestling groups on Facebook. He kept in contact with them as main support through his journey.

2016, after a heartfelt conversation with the owner of the hotel wondering why J.C. isn’t writing on a serious basis, J.C. expanded and started writing articles for other platforms while attending Southern New Hampshire University for Screenwriting, Sociology, and Social Media Marketing. J.C. founded Social Media Uncut.

The original Social Media Uncut was a team of writers that he grew close to and it was originally an article sharing platform through Twitter and Facebook. J.C. eventually axed it and started writing on WordPress to write about wrestling, writing, and pop culture.

2018, J.C. revamped Social Media Uncut and made it a part of his own brand. He interviewed Stephanie Andujar, who helped guide him with communication and support through the process and he now has made it a part of who he is with discussing real topics through interviews to show what the individual is doing in terms of projects.

While doing Social Media Uncut, J.C started doing scripts, and his first script was Simon Says. He has written numerous scripts for television pilots and movies. J.C won his first festival award as a finalist in the Hollywood Screenplay contest 2018 for his short script: Do you Believe in Zombies?

2019, he has picked up another platform contributing to Undead Walking. J.C. made a commitment to analyze and create original posts while working on Social Media Uncut and writing scripts.

J.C. continues to participate in numerous festivals and has been working on television and movie scripts as he continues to be active with festivals and the writing community on Twitter.

J.C. has been embarking on a journey with turning one of his scripts into a web series while he continues to use his platform to promote wrestling. He continues to write about his journey via Twitter while attending SNHU for his master’s degree in creative writing.

Starting in 2020, J.C. has added more changes to Social Media Uncut while embarking on a journey to focus on his existing work with numerous segments to provide the best of social media and strengthening his previous effort to display the best while making regular segments for Social Media Uncut.

Currently J.C. is working on a zombie comic series, which is set to be released 2021. He also reunited working with Stephanie Andujar on a new segment.