J.C. Hangout: Stephanie Andujar

This is the second interview ever done with Stephanie Andujar, and the first time ever doing a video interview. The first time doing the interview, was very special because it was a new and exciting experience (View it here). The experience was further enhanced since I did the interview in my car, yes you read that right, in my car. It was a very chilling experience.

The most rewarding experience in this interview was being able to learn more from her yet again as I did two years ago. It’s not about how much content you create, it’s the impact you make from the message you make in your content. Stephanie Andujar has created content that gives a message of humor, hope, and following dreams.

She dropped some knowledge, had a few laughs, and even gave a taste for what’s coming next. Once again, I apologize for the camera positioning, but it isn’t about me, it’s about Stephanie Andujar and what she has to share with all of us.

Hanging out with Stephanie Andujar

Thank you Stephanie Andujar for hanging out and sharing such amazing thoughts and having such a great conversation. Definitely looking forward to Hangin with StephA part 2 in the future.

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