Wrestler’s Spotlight #6: Vanity

Certain wrestlers really push the bounds and have no limits for what they can do in the ring. Confidence in the business of wrestling is everything and some may have higher confidence than others. There is one superstar that has such high confidence that it shines in everything she does in the ring and beyond. This superstar who has the spotlight on her for this segment is known as Vanity.

She is one of the hungriest stars to have ever stepped in the ring. Even when she gains a little success, she is always looking for ways to step it up more. She has that combination of confidence and a high work ethic. She will never settle because she knows how good she is in the ring. She keeps going hard with something to prove on a nightly basis.

First impressions of Vanity:

The first thing that stood out the first time ever seeing Vanity was the fact she always held her head up high. She is not any ordinary wrestler; she is one that likes to make a strong and lasting impression for those who may be viewing her for the first time and for those who have been faithfully watching her.

It became clear that she is a leader in and out of the ring and she can bring out the best in anyone.

What Vanity brings every night:

She brings a whole lot of power in the ring, not just power with her attitude, but physical power. She has crazy leg strength that gives her an advantage with every strike and move she makes. She may be one of the strongest to step in the ring today.

There is no wasted movement from Vanity, and she uses that leg strength to the fullest to dominate her opponent or create an advantage. The leg strength comes full circle to knock her opponent for a loop with one of her notable moves called the Cookie Cutter, which is a very strong kick that could make a forty-yard field goal.

Matchup: Vanity Vs Corrine Mink

Notable appearances:

Evolve, Queens of Combat, WSU, SHINE.

The Future:

She has a unique attitude that reflects who she is and that is a gold mine for promotions. She is a competitor with a solid identity and stays true to it with a strong ring presence.

Vanity likes a new challenge and thrives on pushing herself to the very limit in the face adversity. She ends up stronger than she was before as she takes on the challenge. She always carries that chip on her shoulder with something to prove to someone and she will carry that same hunger and drive anywhere.

She is a large diamond that shines brighter than any other diamond in the circuit today. The question is where could this diamond end up? Women of Wrestling? NWA? Impact? AEW? WWE and NXT? She has such natural and fluid ability in the wrestling ring that she is someone who will fit comfortably with ANY major promotion and shine no matter where she goes.

Most wrestlers are polished and destined for greatness for certain promotions, but Vanity is just an all-around superstar who will have that shock factor follow her no matter where she goes.

Whether a fan knows her already or is new to her career, her driven attitude will lead to bigger things no matter where and no matter who she goes against. Follow her journey on Instagram and see where the charismatic cookie-cutter continues to set a blaze of glory all around the world.

Special thanks to Title Match Wrestling the owners of the match video.

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