Party over America?

As an independent, I been meaning to write this piece for a long time, and now I have finally mustered enough up to write about what I have observed in the past fifteen years. The two major parties of America have had their share of controversies. The GOP and Democrats want to push their agenda and hit milestones for their respective party. The reason we are where we are now is because of political games.

We have seen firsthand what dedication to one party can do to someone. You have probably seen it, denying the truth, alternate reality, and just overall ridiculous bickering back and forth with little to no progress. The fabric of America is a beautiful thing with people with different views, cultures, and life outlook coming together in this country to achieve what is known as the American Dream and the pursuit of happiness. Part of the stitching of America which is the divided almost right down the middle which represents the political beliefs.

I know many of you are reading up to this point and expecting me to get on my soapbox about how all political parties are bad. I could say that, but I don’t see the point, because that would be a divisive statement. What I hope for is an understanding as to how important being different should be embraced and not feared. I have seen both sides finding ways to push an agenda even when morals are pushed to the side.

When you have promoted hate and something that harms the American people and this great land in some form, it is a problem. The Republicans have supported the president at every turn, even when he is wrong. They don’t correct him or their fellow colleagues even they are wrong or incite hate. We have seen this before with George Bush and in the same light with Democrats when it comes to Barack Obama and their own group when there are some who are corrupt and incite hate, the others turn a blind eye. That causes an ethical crisis as well as even more of a divide.

When you are so willing to support a party that you are even willing to have obvious contradictions, such as when a person of another party does the same thing a person of your respective party did, that’s hypocrisy. Want an example? Look around all over social media or even people you know who have this bias.

As an independent, I have more respect for a Democrat who is willing to stand up to their colleagues who are doing something, and not just waiting until it is a Republican that did it. For the Republicans, I have more respect when they stand up to their colleagues and not just keeping their peace until it is a Democrat.

This should sound familiar to you. These antics are something we all been exposed to early on going back to high school days when there is a bias because of social groups, you had the jocks, the writers, the bullies, the nerds, etc. If there is something that happens they give their friends a pass and get upset when it is someone from another social group that did the same thing their buddy did. You see where I am getting at now?

Being a proud independent, I know those who are like me and want to see both sides try to come together. It is critical more than ever before. No one agrees on everything, and anything can be made into a debate such as having pineapple on pizza, sleeping with or without socks, how long should you wait before dating after a breakup? Those questions alone cause a debate daily. The differences and views of everyone will vary greatly. Some people will feel a certain way, and the other may feel another way.

Policy issues are important and having a conversation is a necessity. Have a debate if need be, but don’t let party interests dictate the debate. When it becomes all about party interests and the mind is closed heading into the debate, nothing gets accomplished at all. We don’t have to agree on everything, because that isn’t reality. A political platform looks at that fact and wants to drive the wedge between the American people with political ideologies as the center of attention.

I don’t have a problem with political parties, in fact, I find it great because that is what makes America unique, being able to join a political party as you wish. It is one thing to join and have a political party association, but don’t let the political party have you. Don’t let it be the deciding factor of how you turn a blind eye to one thing because political association comes into play. We all have our views, and some views controversial and even hurt people. When you allow for something so toxic to consume the political platform that you are willing to sacrifice morals in the name of your political party, it adds to more problems instead of solutions.

That is the bottom line, I have seen friendships ruined over political views the past ten years, and the past few years it has increased. I have seen people stick to a political label and shun those who don’t believe in what they believe. If you are willing to shun those who don’t believe and give excuses for forms of hate because of association by political party, then that is what’s wrong with America.

I hope in the future that we can have less tolerance for hate and not excuse hate, corruption, or incompetence in the name of the party and that many will stand up when they see wrong and not see the party. That is my hope while people continue to be involved in their respective communities.

This was not made to discourage you from being a Democrat, Republican, independent, libertarian, whatever you identify as, but encourage you to not be blind to the point you are normalizing things and letting things slide because it was someone from your political party. Hold all no matter political association accountable, and only then we can start fixing things together.

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