Don’t Stop Dreaming, Don’t Stop Believing

While writing my script, I was thinking about a big subject which is dreams. Creative writing is a big field, and so many people have many talents for creative writing. My dreams of writing content are reality every single day. Whether it is gaining more for my scripts or writing right now to you guys. Those are dreams that I have every single day.

I have dreams long term of course for myself, but every day is a new adventure. Normally, I am writing just about how creative writers can dream, but I want to take it a step farther and speak to everyone in this piece. One thing I feel like is lacking today is dreams. We let people take our dreams away, or we take our own dreams away because we feel it isn’t realistic, or we think we are not good enough to do it.

Like I mentioned, every day is a dream for me when it comes to writing, and a new adventure as I wake up. That passion to make us dream for the long term or every single day is what makes a happy life. It isn’t being a shiftless dreamer or a waste of time. No matter what you do, whether it is writing like me, or anything, having that feeling every single day is the best feeling in the world.  That happiness and joy should be shared no matter what you love to do and no matter who you are.

Follow your dreams, there are many ways to make it happen. Whether it is going to college and doing what you love to do like I do, or making your dreams happen in other ways. There are endless possibilities, even when it seems like it may be impossible. That is the beauty of a dream, it may seem impossible, and so many others may think your dream is impossible, but you see it clear as day. The fact you see this dream and vision for yourself makes it possible. Do not stop dreaming, and don’t ever stop believing, because that is the true happiness and joy of life having dreams every single day.

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