How Twitter Made me a Better Writer

I was a sporadic Twitter user in the past. I came back in November, and since then it has helped me as a writer. I have been able to see experiences from close friends, and new friends. Networking is a powerful thing when gathering around like-minded individuals, and being able to see writers, independent actors, and workers of the entertainment field succeed. Some people may see it as a small deal, but it is a big deal and has helped me in a major way since coming back on Twitter. Twitter can help you propel to the next level when gathering with people who motivate and bring out the best in you.

There are so many names that come to mind. Stephanie Andujar who you probably remember from the movie Precious or as the Young Miss Rosa from the hit Netflix show Orange is the New Black. She is an actress who is down to Earth and her knowledge, kindness, friendship has meant more than anything. The journey and seeing projects that she is involved in is always nothing short of awesome and inspirational.

The same case for Nadine Marissa who is part of the hit show Walking Dead who has helped in ways that have only made me better, from tips to just general life advice. AdELA who is a hip-hop artist has proven what love and compassion can do. Nadine and AdELA both since connecting with them on Twitter have been the ones to help and be a support. They all have been an example of the two H’s, hard work, and humility. They have helped develop who I am, and what it truly means to do what you love to do.

There are many people who I already knew prior to Twitter such as Barbi Hayden, Kacee Carlisle, Brittany Wonder, and Kikyo who have been amazing support as always, and if it wasn’t for them, none of what I do today would be possible. Their continuous love and support are what kept me going even during the worse times. On Twitter, they have continued to be a support, and amazing friends despite their busy schedule, and been the greatest friends a person can ask for.

That brings me to a person prior to Twitter who is my best friend Shayla Hyde. Who is also a wrestler just like Barbi, Kacee, Brittany, and Kikyo. She has done everything to emotionally prepare me for every step in my life. For that, I am truly grateful. She has been there prior to college, and like the ones mentioned, way before I ever came back to Twitter. The support kept going, and everything that she accomplished up to this point has motivated me to do better.

There are many Twitter followers and people I have come across on Twitter from Brooke Hogan to Tamara Torres from Orange is the New Black. All of them that have been part of this journey, I am grateful for. Every one of them, and all the future ones that will join the journey later. Twitter has negativity and some bad news that people may like to avoid, but the truth is it can also bring out the best in people when they network. Let Twitter bring out the best in you, instead of letting the worse bring you down.


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