The 5 Stages of Writing

Creating your work is like a baby going through stages to transform eventually into a successful adult. It is vital to make your work grow into a healthy piece of work. This is relevant whether you are a script writer, a poet, fiction writer, or song writer. No matter what these phases will be there. Your piece of work goes through phases in growth as you develop and nurture it.

  1. New Born Phasepexels-photo-269451

Your piece of work is just born, this is the outline phase. When you find out that you have an idea to develop. It’s like having a joy of knowing a baby is on the way. Your baby is on the way at this point, the genius piece of work that you are planning.

  1. Toddler Phase


At this point, you are nurturing it and getting your idea together. It will come out messy, and it is nowhere near perfect. You are just getting your ideas out, with mistakes and all onto the paper. You wouldn’t send your helpless baby out to fend for his or herself, right? You shouldn’t send your little piece of work out there when it is nowhere near ready either. You are nurturing it and giving it all the love and attention in the world.

  1. Baby Phase to Almost Teenager phase


Your piece of work is coming together slowly but surely, but there are still critical elements missing as it grows up. You are proud as your piece is taking its first steps so to speak. You are so proud, and at this point, you have probably bragged to your friend how well it is coming along at this point, your piece of work is growing up before your very eyes.

  1. Teenager Phase


Your work is growing, but it is becoming more difficult suddenly. You are stuck in critical places and days at a time trying to figure out what you will do next. Your piece is giving you a hard time. I got news for you, you are at the teenager phase. Some give up or hand in the work as it is because they feel there is nothing left for them to do. You got a teenager, and no matter what the teenager may say they are ready. They are not ready, because there is more to be done to guide your work on the right track and prepare your piece for the big world.

  1. Adult Phase


Congratulations, you raised your work into the adult phase! You have done all you can for your work and got through all the rough patches. Your work is mature, and everything with your work makes sense. As the creator and being the one that gave birth to the piece of work may still be there to rough out the edges. At this point, your work is mature and ready to hand in and for people’s enjoyment.

It is literally your baby, and you are raising it through all this. Have confidence and pride you have raised your baby, and through the good and bad. Your work will not let you down when you reach the adult phase.

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