Being an Online Student of a University

There are advantages of being an online student for an amazing University. Whether you are part of Southern New Hampshire University, or to another good reputation online university. Nowadays you need a bachelor’s degree to make everything work. If you have certain dreams, you need a bachelor’s degree.

Online Universities like Southern New Hampshire University help make that happen. So many people see online as harder for many reasons, and as an online student for SNHU, I can say it can be harder. If you are not dedicated to your decision since essentially it is up to you to meet deadlines. It is up to you, and they will be there for you to ensure your success.

Universities are not easy and are not meant to be easy. If you are only applying because you think it is going to be easy, you have already lost. The eight weeks of classes all year long can tear you apart if you start classes with an attitude of “well it’s easy’.  I failed a few classes back in 2015 because of how tough my personal schedule got and how large the work was.

I had to give up a job for a job in writing to gain experience in my field. It was hard, and I took nearly a whole year off, because of how shook I was failing classes back to back. I was borderline academic probation at a 2.2 GPA, but when I came back, I was determined to make that rise higher than it was before. I am close to a 3.4 GPA since coming back.

Southern New Hampshire University has been an amazing experience. I am currently one year away from being done with classes. My goal is to see more people succeed with Southern New Hampshire University, or other great online universities and to help the online program grow more socially among students.

This kind of growth and initiative with a great online school is what it is all about. Online is more than just getting the work done, and being done with it, it is about gaining skills and communication needed to propel yourself to the next level.

I’m a creative writing student and been in my program since late 2014.  I hope to see more people succeed, and even help online Southern New Hampshire University grow to new heights. If you want a bachelor’s or masters be sure to apply to Southern New Hampshire University’s website through this link if you are serious about getting a degree and working hard for it. I hope to see you in class.

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