I’m a Writer…Take It….or Leave It

While writing my script yesterday, I felt happy, but along the way, I had to take a break. The acceptance of me being a writer was very easy for my parents. Originally, I had interests in finances like my mom and computers like my dad. Those were legitimate interests, and I thought it would break their hearts that I picked my own path.

I was scared for years after making the decision to finally go to a University for screenwriting. They accepted it, and they were excited because they knew what I can do after reading lots of my work from school, and the material I did in my free time. I am grateful that they support me in every aspect. The tricky part is when it comes to relationships though. Lots of time go into screenwriting, and the trickiest thing is will the person you are with truly understand?

The reason this is a big question is because of the past women I have been with, one hated the fact I was going to college when I first started. She tried everything to make sure it didn’t happen. Even going as far as comparing pay figures and trying to say I would not be supplying enough for her. She and I broke up not long after I started college years ago.

I was with another woman, she was not content with me writing, and wanted me to do a front desk job because it was “normal”. She wanted as much money as possible and said she would only support me if it was able to “fill up my bank account”. She and I broke up not long after. I was with another who didn’t like the schedule that came with writing, and well you get the point, her and I didn’t last long.

Support is a big thing, and it goes a long way. Some may say “well it doesn’t matter as long as you are doing it”, that statement is right and wrong. There are times when you are writing and grooming your piece, you run into a roadblock and get discouraged. While most of the time you can shake yourself out of it, it’s always nice to have more people in your corner.

That is everything to us, and it counts double for the person we are dating. Since then obviously, I have hesitated when it comes to dating because the support has never been there in the past when I do. I know many can relate to this one way or another. It’s hard to do all you can with something you love as special as writing and do not have that support from your significant other.

If you have that support that is amazing and don’t change it, even during the hard times. There are writers like myself who wish they have that love and support from a significant other. If your significant other is a writer as well, you are in the best situation possible.  I wouldn’t trade it for anything being a writer, and no one should ever have to bargain that aspect ever. We are writers and people can take it or leave it.

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