Walking Dead Season 8 is Over…Now What?!

We are approaching the first dreaded Sunday of no Walking Dead. If you are like me, you have been-re-watching repeatedly and looking for things you could have missed such as “Where’s Arat?” and “Which Saviors survived?”, those burning questions are still in my head even as I type this right now. Sure, there is Fear the Walking Dead to watch, but it does not satisfy the same way Walking Dead does.

While the show has made history, I still find myself thinking about Rick and the new challenges that will be coming his way Season 9. Don’t judge me, I tried to sit and enjoy the moment with Fear the Walking Dead, but all I could think about was the next season of Walking Dead (boy am I in trouble the next 6 months). So, what do we do now? If you are like me, you have multiple ways to watch Walking Dead on demand. This way we can turn back the hands of time during the good times back when there was a Dale, Andrea, and Beth being part of their crew.

If you are STILL itching and going nuts and trust me, you will. At this point, you will keep watching, but you will grow angry and may be prone to irritability (I know this from experience). Don’t panic though! There is hope because you now can possibly distract yourself with other shows on Netflix, or Hulu because we all know cable television will only add to the agitation. If push comes to shove, you could even download Walking Dead No Man’s Land and make your own moments, as well as reliving levels based off episodes that happened on television.

it is early September by the time you have done all this. You will need a new distraction, everything you have tried has only satisfied you for a short period of time in intervals. You start searching for any possible indication of what season 9 will be looking like through websites and articles. Just don’t ask any cast members, they won’t give you any hints no matter how much you beg and plead. Save yourself the pain and torture and don’t ask them at all.

What could you do now? You at this point have done everything possible. All you can do now is tough it out and depend on the support of your fellow Walking Dead family to help you through the rest of the tough time. They are your support, and they are the best part of this whole process. If you don’t have Twitter, then this waiting out process will be unbearable without support.

Are you feeling good now that you have read all this? This is literally 6 months’ worth of what may happen to you. Guess what? This is only the first week of it! Now you must put it all into action and go through it now! It is okay though! We have been doing this for years, and this is yet another tough one to go through. Good luck to you all for the next 6 months.

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