The Creative Writing Blues

We know about the dreaded Writer’s block, but there is another thing that writers feel that comes with being a writer too. It is known as the creative writing blues. We know the agony that comes from singing the blues, and if you aren’t familiar with it, then I suggest listening to some B.B. King and it will be clear.

Having a million stories in your head and no way to tell them. You could be a writer currently and suffer from this. You may not have the right platform, contacts, or confidence to share the stories that you desire. These million of stories sometimes take a physical form of a checklist, a rough draft, or it could be a cluster of writing, which resembles how most writers feel. Maybe you have shared your story or attempted too many times, but you seem to can’t make people listen to any of them.

You could have a new script idea, book idea, article idea, or poem that could change the landscape of writing even more but feel like there is no way to get the ideas out there. How do you overcome it? It isn’t easy but finds a platform and tell your story no matter what.

If people try to shut the door on you while you give your ideas, then just go to the next door so people can hear your story. The pain felt is very real when you feel trapped. It may even cause you to sing a song expressing your pain (it can happen). There is always someone or someway to send your story out to relieve you of that great pain. This pain is only because we want to be heard.

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One thought on “The Creative Writing Blues

  1. I loved the “sing a song” part. Haha I have done that many times actually. 😄 Just gotta get it out somehow.


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