Writers are Everywhere!

Some writers were not always writers, we were front office workers, grocery store clerks, salespeople. You get the point, we tend to blend in with corporate America. Nine times out of ten no one truly knows what we are capable of. Writers are all around us. Sometimes, we are not exactly happy where we are, because it is not what we want to do.

While I was sitting in a barbershop getting my haircut a few days ago, this barber and I had a long conversation. He had no idea that I am going to school for film writing, and in turn, I had no idea he was going to school for writing as well. I decided to ask him while he was cutting my hair. It struck me while he was doing that, and we got into a deep conversation about the passion of writing. By the end of that conversation, it hit me that writers are everywhere. It took me back to the days working at a hotel.

While I was working at this hotel, very little people knew anything about me, other than I was the guy who worked overnights and was the one to call when they needed something. A few special guests at the hotel found out about my love for writing. A few of them seemed disappointed that I wasn’t writing on a full-time basis, and this included my boss who is big on writing. He even went as far as asking me “What are you doing working here?”, and to be honest, I didn’t have an answer.

I was always writing in my pad, especially during slow nights. One guest saw my pad, and he hoped that I planned on doing something with it. I told him the answer that is famously said by anyone “someday”, he looked at me disappointed. He told me that he is a writer as well, and he felt that I was wasting my talent. That ultimately led to a string of events to go back to college, and write on a fulltime basis, blogs, scripts, and articles.

It is a sensitive subject for us trying to get our work out there, and we feel like it is hopeless, because we can’t seem to get our work out there. Each writer who puts in the time and does everything he or she can see results in some way. We all find success at different times, and our time comes when we least expect it. The struggle going through it is very real, all of us know that.

Sometimes, we forget that writers are spread out everywhere and in different situations. Some are forced into jobs, others are doing both, others are unsure. Either way, it is up to us to support them with all they want to do and be there for them. Once you find a writer, you must do all you can to support them, and make sure they are on the right track. It is so easy to forget that we are everywhere and can find support. Be that support for writers that you find, they are everywhere, and I bet they will appreciate it more than anything.

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