Experiencing Writer’s Block Right now? This is for You!

When you write, you are creating a new unique world and welcoming others to your world. You are the most important part of that world. You are the creator of this unique world, and without you, it would cease to exist. You oversee every operation, and you make the magic happen.

Some writers have ample chaos in their world, while others have a controlled environment. These worlds you create can be exhausting at times and requires time to truly recover from putting in the energy. Writer’s block catches us off guard sometimes and forces us to take a break, but I have a simple message. Writer’s block is normal, and there is nothing wrong with it. Some of you may be looking at this article, and may have rolled your eyes, or scoffed at this, but it is true.

I created three scripts, and currently on my fourth as a project, and have a fifth one that is currently in the works, but for those two scripts, I am taking it slow. We want to keep writing, but so much energy being spent, sometimes mistakes can be made. One of my completed scripts, I pushed myself so much that I made a critical error that was undetected because I wanted to keep going, luckily the screenwriting instructor caught it.

Take a break and examine other parts of your creativity. I love scriptwriting, but as of now I am writing blogs/articles and working on it a little at a time with the script. You may want to take a long break from it, and when you least expect it, the ideas will flow. We can go hours when on a roll, but nothing wrong with taking a break from it when needed. Whether it is working in another area of writing or enjoying your life.

The same way a doctor needs time off, or an accountant, we need a break too. It does not make them any less of a doctor or an accountant because they take the break either. Writer’s block just forces us to take that break until it comes to us naturally, which it always does. When you write, do not frustrate yourself with it, instead, embrace it. You will get that call to return to that world when you get all those ideas soon.

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