The Magical Cure of Life: Writing

Writing is a special, complex, and sometimes frustrating art. The journey can be exhausting and cause long hours, sleepless nights, and endless editing. Some people may ask “why do you put yourself through that?”, the answer is simple because we like it.

We may not like the pain that comes with it, but we quickly get over it during one of those nights where we are on a roll with our writing. We sometimes run into a roadblock. That’s where the pain increases for most of us, and we keep the coffee pot on standby.

Most of us love it so much, we do it for free. One script that I have worked on has led me to believe that writing is a cure, some may call it like magic, while others may call it a necessity. I may have it and, but that was not always the case.

This cure is something you can’t get from a doctor, and it is a cure so many people will try to take away. When I was in middle school, I knew I wanted to be a film writer, I had a joy out of it, and it cured everything for me, including the stress of everyday life.

The last person I ever suspected said I couldn’t do it. My counselor told me I couldn’t do it. If you know what it feels like to have someone try to say you can’t do it, then you understand how I felt back then. The counselor told me for a career presentation that I couldn’t write about film writing, or anything in that nature, which included writing in general.

He wanted me to write about something that is a traditional job in corporate America, such as computer programming. He took the cure from me, and everything went down in high school. I settled for going to a college for computer programming, which I did since I felt there was nothing left for me in the writing field at the time.

Years went by, and the cure was so far fetched, and the most amazing thing happened in 2013. After I took the time to work and figure things out, I gained a connection with a person who I am still great friends with today. She is an independent wrestler by the name of Shayla Hyde. I was still away from writing completely when I first met her, I was sad, and she saw it.

The moment that stuck with me was seeing tears come down from her eyes during a conversation. I was sad and seeing emotion from someone who cares so much about my success was a first at the time. It was that moment with Shayla that changed everything. I enrolled in college after that moment and as of now, I am in my final year. It is the greatest feeling I have ever had. I know she will eventually read this, so Shayla, thank you for helping me gain the cure back.

I know so many writers in general whether they are screenwriters, authors, article writers, or do a little bit of everything that loses their joy. It gets hard, I am here to tell you, do not give up your cure, writing is the cure. I didn’t understand it even when I got back to doing it, but I do now, and I do not want any other writer to give up their cure like I did, it is not only for yourself but so many others as well that enjoy your work.

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