The Evolution of Walking Dead (Warning:Spoilers)

Walking Dead has been around for seasons, and if you are an avid watcher like me, you probably are disappointed that Carl faced a demise. Perhaps one of the most shocking events to happen in major television history. If that wasn’t enough to turn you away, then you are probably upset that Negan is still breathing.

The harsh reality is that nothing will be the same as it was before, and it shouldn’t be. The Walking Dead has evolved, but it seems lots of fans want what we had before during the prison days.

We can’t go into Walking Dead with expectations of what happened in the past. The reason is that it has evolved into something bigger than it was seasons ago. What happened in the past, whether it is the barn, the prison, or even the Pre-Negan days of Alexandria is all history. We got to look forward to what our favorite survivors have become today.

Negan is different than anyone that Rick and his group have ever encountered. The common theme with all Rick has encountered in the past is being a liar and dangerous. The only exception was the encounter with the Wolves who were very truthful about all their intentions with the Alexandria community.

Negan does not lead by lies and deceit, which is a big quality to have. Woodbury was big, but very limited because Governor would be more prone to being exposed if it was as big as Negan’s community and outposts. Negan is brutal, and some of his methods may be over the top, but his vision of society through the chaos of the fallen world can’t be denied.

Negan laying down the law to Rick. Photo Credit Walking Dead Wiki

He also has lieutenants and does not run every little operation of the Saviors. The lieutenants Simon, Regina, and dedicated members like Arat, Gary, and the unpredictable Laura is what makes the system for the Saviors work.

These guys serve almost like a council, sound familiar? It should because that was what Rick was attempting to do back in the prison, but Negan mastered the system, unlike Rick. Negan is not afraid to make decisions and contributes to it as much as Simon and the most trusted members that stick close to him. Negan is not above overruling his top people and deciding for the greater good, which brings us to where we are now.

Back in the prison, Rick attempted to make a community, but it still wasn’t truly a community and they were still just trying to survive somehow. This required ample communication and no room for being silent. We saw critical interaction and life-saving moments, but the reason the prison was bound to fail was that the prison was still in survival mode and trying to build something out of the prison. It requires a strong leader to make it all happen.

The prison evolved, but quickly the evolving of the prison deteriorated, the council made small decisions, and Rick was very hesitant. This is a sharp contrast of where we are now with confident right-hand people to Negan and a very confident Negan who built a whole network, whereas Rick was limited in his intentions with the growth of the prison.

So why does that matter now? Simple, everything we are at now is because of Negan and the Saviors successful networking. it requires a lot of fighting for what they deserve. The fighting has resulted in fewer interactions with the community and more strategy to beat Negan, which has proven to be harder than they could ever imagine.

Since Negan is so organized unlike Governor, Rick and his group can’t be like they were in the prison, which has proven to be fatal with the loss of Carl recently. Carl’s death is proof of the evolution of where we are now. In the past, Carl would be protected first, and everything would fall into place, but now they are living in uncertainty of what they have gained. They are losing what is important to them along the way of this fight against Negan more than they ever lost before in Walking Dead history.

The evolving is causing them to work harder and focus on one thing and that’s fighting, instead of communication to survive. Governor who was already sloppy was forced to work harder and reckless with his plans, losing his people and getting shot himself with little to no communication. Governor opted to just destroy the whole prison, which was reckless, similar fashion for what Rick is doing to Negan and the Saviors. Are you convinced now? Watch it all it all unfold before our eyes with new episodes of Walking Dead.


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