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Social Media Uncut Segments

Wrestler’s Spotlight – An analysis from the perspective of J.C. taking a dive with five categories for fans to learn more about the future and current stars of the Indy circuit of wrestling. These are future stars of WWE, Impact Wrestling, AEW, & rising stars of the independent circuit.

Phoebe & J – Featuring a blog with independent Wrestler Phoebe. It’s a food & travel blog like no other with fun genuine conversation about food (Coming Soon).

Web series – Featuring the talent of writers and displaying original web shows for viewing pleasure written by some of the best writers on Twitter (Coming February 2020).

Writing – A lifestyle writing blog centered around inspirational writer blogs with an observation of the #WritingCommunity on Twitter. All written by the perspective of J.C. focused on personal growth and self-discovery as a writer.

Interviews – Past interviews from entertainers & wrestlers through social media.

This content is all about the positive aspect of social media and rising above the darkest & negative parts of Social media through blogs & giving a chance for talent to shine.